Our base

GERUSTBAU JU-SM is a company offering different services in the field of scaffolding installation. The general knowledge of our team and ...


Our priority

“JU-SM” LLC is the first company for scaffolding installation in the Republic of Macedonia, certified by the International ...


Our qualities

We are known for the German quality we offer in our country. As a serious company, GERUSTBAU “JU-SM” imports all elements of the scaffolding system ...



  • Cutting edge technology for scaffolding installation by LAYHER and RUX.
  • Mounted scaffolding that meet all requirements according to DIN standards that can be installed in different buildings: skyscrapers, bridge building, industrial objects, restoration, repair and relocation of buildings, etc.
  • The technology to build in urban environments with the latest techniques according to all standards.

We are ready and at your service with our professional team and technological equipment with which we have completed all projects and have successfully completed each service so far. Experience helped us create mutual confidence in the work with our clients.